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iPhone 7 BB CPU itself shorted

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Has anyone had any Iphone 7 BB CPU shorted yet? I have done several 4013 and -1 repairs on these and recently took in 2 phones from a shop in Florida where I had a short on BBPMU_TO_PMU_AMUX1 and PP_1V0_LDO9 on one phone and just PP_1V0_LDO9 on the other. After removing the BB CPU the shorts went away on both, so I reballed and placed it back and shorts came back. Thinking I just made a mistake, I reballed both again and shorts came back a second time. I then checked those lines on the BB CPU and sure enough they are shorted within the BB CPU itself.

1. Has anyone else experienced this ...

2. I have NAND Programmer(s) but nothing for BB CPU... Is it even possible? Or does anyone have a programmer to reprogram new IC's?

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You might want to reach out to specialized vendors like VIPProgrammer or UnionRepair. They may be able to program a replacement BB if you give them the proper metadata. I have a similar issue with an iPhone 6 where I may need to replace the BB.

I also seem to recall a similar post on the FB group (MicroSoldering & Board Level Diagnosis), you may want to check it out.

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@refectio I just received an answer from I added a screen shot in my question...I was told that there is no programmer :(




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Yes, we've seen three of these now. There are two different versions of the iphone 7 logic boards. It seems to be only happening on one version. The short is within the BB CPU chip itself. No way of fixing it that I know of. Perhaps data recovery, but I'm not certain at this point.

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