820-2532 logic board problem!

Hello Guys,

I have a weird problem with this board I'm working on. (820-2532)

The unit powers on with magsafe only

The unit powers on with Battery only

When magsafe and battery are in together the green light will start flashing fast and the unit will not charge the battery (No amber light) then unit will shut down.

Things I did so far;

  • Checked all current sensing resistors on battery and magsafe side. All good even the shunt resistors are good.
  • Changed out the U7000 ISL6258 chip three times.
  • Changed the SMC chip once

Things I noticed;

  • When I remove the shunt resistor for the battery side and plug all devices into board (battery, Adapter), the battery will charge. (amber light).
  • Voltage on Pins 17 and 18 on ISL6258 = 18V. Other boards say 12V

Whats up with that? Thought U7000 chip was bad, so I changed it three times! No good.

Any suggestions would help! Thanks!

Update (01/15/2018)

Hello Guys and thanks for the fast response.

@danj - Yes, I am working off a Board view and schematic

@oldturkey03 - Sorry other boards are 12.6V

Pin 3-4.43V

Pin 12-3.42V

Pin 19-5.10V

Pin 20 5.10V

Pin 27- 18.29V

F7040=18.29 both sides

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Are you working off of a set of schematics and board view diagrams? If not you'll need to get them.

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"Voltage on Pins 17 and 18 on ISL6258 = 18V. Other boards say 12V" should be 12.6V. What do you get on 3 12 19 20 27 and on fuse F7040

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That all looks good except the voltage on F7040 is a bit high. Should be around 12.6V It does look like U7000 is okay

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Still baffled that Pins 17 18 are 18.29V when good board shows 12.6V! Would the SMC be acting up, even if the unit works normally with the adapter, and then with the battery separately? Thanks again!

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Hello Guys,

Would any of you guys have a solution to this weird problem above. Should I try another SMC chip? Thanks!

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