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The PowerA Fusion controller for Xbox one is a combination of advanced, customizable features; encased in an elegantly designed casing that lets every gamer take control of their individual gaming preferences.

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Where can I get a plastic ABYX pad that goes inside the controller?

I need a plastic pad that contains the silicone conductors that are pressed on by the bottom of the ABYX buttons. I haven't been able to find one anywhere. I looked in the replacement parts catalog and couldn't find one.

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any luck finding it? I also need the same part...


No luck, sorry.


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Third party controllers (even officially licensed versions) are nearly impossible to get replacement parts for unless they happen to use the same parts as the official first party controller.

The silicone conductive pads would generally not be available to buy for this controller and they are not the standard ones from an official xbox controller.

Have you lost it or is it not working / damaged?

I believe your only options would be to get another of these controllers used from ebay if it is worth repairing or possibly use a different silicone conductive pad from another controller, but the chances of finding the right size is very slim.

If you would like to send over the measurements we can have a look at see if any of our controller silicone contact button pads are the right size, contact me here or on twitter @zedlabz



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On my particular controller, the rubber button responsible for the “A” button press is just depressed and stays there. Are you telling us we would have to buy a new controller since we can’t replace the pads?


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You would either need to try and match it with another similar pad, buy another controller of the same to salvage parts, or buy a new controller.

The chance of being able to match a part is slim but feel free to send over a picture of the part to us here at ZedLabz and we will be happy to take a look and see if we recognise the part as similar to another.

The problem with many third party controllers is that they use bespoke parts, and are not widely available like official parts.

kind regards



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