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Guías de reparación y soporte para lavadoras de la marca Whirlpool de carga frontal y superior.

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Where to bypass door lock

I have a question. My lid lock only had three wires, red, white, and blue... Is this the same process to bypass mine? It's a Whirlpool model caw8350ew.. thank you I'm advance.

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@roddog your question was posted as a comment to a Kenmore washer. So, that would possibly not work since you always need to check the wiring for your machine. You get the diagram from the tech sheets which should have been somewhere on the back of your machine.

Block Image

Your diagram does not list the color code but shows that your lid lock connects to J6 on your control unit PCB. You will need apply the jumper to whatever colored wiring attaches to J6 contact 1 and 3 (most likely red and blue but I'd hate to guess and have you damage your machine)

Here is a spare tech sheet for you just in case you lost yours.


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Yes, red and blue it is, but you forget inspection, I've found the control board is also bad. That you for your response.

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Mine is a Kenmore high efficiency with 4 wires, how can I temporarily bypass that lid lock??

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Mine is a Kenmore high efficiency with 4 wires, how can I temporarily bypass that lid lock?? Does anyone know??

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I have a amana washer I need a lid lock diagram

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@yolorogers2019 what exact model? Why do you need that? what have you checked?

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Can u just wire nut them together after u cut the

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