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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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iPod is disabled connect to itunes

someone tried to use my ipod and I had it locked, and now it's disabled and says to connect to iTunes

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Otjya, did you plug it in? What happens? What operating system does your computer have? Windows or Mac?

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You could try to restore your iPod, just know that a restore will erase all your data. So make sure you have it backed up. Follow the instruction from Apple on here Good Luck and let us know if it worked

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Put your ipod into DFU mode by holding the Power key and the Home button at the same time for aproximately 8 seconds. After a good 8 second count release the power key but keep the home button pressed. Hold the home key down for about another 10 seconds. This can be done whether it is or is not connected to itunes. Youll know you are in DFU mode when you connect it to itunes and it is recognized as being in a recovery mode, the ipod should also have no display at that time. At that point try doing a restore.

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now my ipod won't turn on. what do I do?

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