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Windows 10 is a major version of the Windows operating system. It was released in 2015.

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Can any version of Windows 10 run on one core

Hey @captainsnowball do you know if there is a version of Windows 10 that will run on a single core processor?

This is what’s happening:

Update 1/16/18:

Well I’ve installed windows 10 Pro 32bit on it now and it runs fine, faster than I thought it would run on a single core. I got all my softwares installed. One thing it can’t run at all is 3D graphics and Videos, is runs google earth for a couple minutes and then crash’s and video plays behind the audio. I was surprised how fast it boot though, 27 Seconds!

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Yes it can. Check out this video on YouTube.

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windows 10 can run on a single core CPU. There isn't any special edition for single core CPU-S. Should Work fine.

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Ok. My dell optiplex gx620 won’t boot up in my 64bit windows 10 usb. I will try with a 32bit.

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If the cpu is 32bit it can't run 64bit windows.

How much ram are you running?

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4GB DDR2 and it’s a 64bit Processor. So I’m not sure why it’s not running it.

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What does it say? What error?

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The machine was made with windows XP. It’s running Ubuntu 16.04.

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