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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Sony Xperia X Compact. This is a compact smartphone that was announced and released in September 2016.

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Why did my phone stop reading my sim card?

Phone was working fine, until one day it stopped loading apps that used data. I decided to restart the phone by powering it off and turning it back on. The result of this, was it stopped reading my SIM card. I have tried software repair with Sony Companion and nothing has worked (doing the software repair also did a factory reset in the process).

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Could be possible, but I did not expose it to any moisture prior to it happening.

I did try to clean it, based on my type of phone I was told that the sim is attached to the motherboard... And to fix the sim reader there is a small success rate when doing this repair. So I am hesitant to do this type or repair.

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I assume you've tried other SIM cards and have confirmed none of them works in the device. and that you have tried cleaning the SIM terminals.

has this been water damaged in the past? (or has moisture or small amount of water seeped into the internals - i have recently repaired a samsung S3 with the same issue and found it was due to water damage)

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I bought this phone 8 months ago for my daugter to use wifi for watching youtube. I bought it on ebay the guy said sim card not detecting. Just for learning purposes i thought i will dissasmble it and check the sim card try if any thing is stuck or if not i can buy a replacment part for sim reader. After dissasmbley i found that sim card reader was clean, so i temporarly assembled it and was about to order the sim reader part, just checked one final time to see if sim might work or not. I tried lebara sim card and there it was the signal was there, I dont know what fixed it a loose connection may be. I tried a few sim cards now and every sim is working. Hope this helps.

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When you power on the phone, does it say NO SIM INSTALLED or does it recognise that there is a sim card in the phone? Usually on the top right there is a sim logo with a line through it stating that the sim is not recognised.

The sim card reader will only be faulty if the device fails to read the sim card altogether and if the slot has been physically damaged

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It does have a line through it. However, at the moment it doesn't have a sim in it. When it's s in it doesn't show any bars showing where that icon is.

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So when the sim card is inserted, does the 'sim logo with the line through it' symbol disappear?

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It does and it changes to the bars symbol. But instead of bars, it is just an empty triangle.

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OK this means that your sim card reader is fine, have you checked the IMEI number to see if the device may have been blacklisted? If it comes back clean, then it could either be a SOFTWARE issue, or a more complex hardware related problem which may not be worth persuing due to costs involved (such as a replacement motherboard)

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Hi there

My phone say the same thing too is say no sim card emergency calls only I try everything any other suggest help me please

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which phone do you have?

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D2533 its say sim error all sim cards

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I had this problem after nearly 3 years of use,

Things that didn’t work for me:

- Restarting the phone.

- Resetting the phone.

- Using *#*#4636#*#* menu to change to other sim card settings.

- Changing the sim-card.

- Sending phone to repair to check if there is any hardware related problem.

In the end, I end up buying a new phone.

Such a shame a perfectly good phone had this problem after less then 3 years of perfectly good use.

Please let me know if you figured out a way to make the compact x work again.

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I actually FIXED this.

Ive had my xperia x compact for nearly 3,5 years and got the same exact problem...

No sim detected unitl after 10 mins it does and there is no signal.

It turns out the sim card SLOT is faulty, there are 6 little "springs" that push against the sim to make contact, but after time they losen up.

There might be only 1 or 2 not making contact therefore the phone detects it and other spongy stuff will happen.

I fixed it by dissasambling the phone to the point where you can get a closer look at the sim SLOT..

I used this video for a guide:

Then you need to take off the cover that covers the contacts (This is not covered in the video).

You can now see the 6 contacts that are holding up to the sim.

They should look like in a shape of a "V" .

Then you need to make each contact point a little more "upwards". Take a screwdriver to force them up so they'll have contact the next time you insert the sim.

To put the cover back on I put very little glue on it to make it stick and harden.

Now reassamble.

Hope it helps.

- de

@ efSDf - , sir you just saved me

- de

Hi both of you, how did you get to remove the cover that is covering the contacts? I can't seem to figure out

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I haven't opened mine yet but my bet is some flux and a hot air gun

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Same question, how to remove the metal cover covering the contacts?

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