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A 5.5" custom Flyme Android smartphone by Meizu, released in 2016.

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Touch screen not working after screen replacement but the LCD works

Replaced my screen in meizu mx6.. now the screen lights up and shows a beautiful image. but the touch is dead (screen's touch)

I tried to plug back my previous screen and there the touch worked.. but well... the screen is shattered until no point of return..

now I don't know what to do.. I have a feeling I bought a bad screen and clueless to know..

and waiting for a month for a new one.. is not an option

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@miker2808 "plug back my previous screen and there the touch worked" clear indication that your replacement screen is faulty. Contact the vendor and change it one more time.

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My Meizu M5 i got a new display to replace it,b4 i put them on,i tried it it was working when finally putting the new one,i turn it on it vibrated but the screen was black and logic board was very can i fix this please help

- de

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