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La Epson Artisan 1430 es una impresora fotográfica de inyección de tinta a color.

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removing cover artison 1430

I have a new Artison 1430, and want to remove the side panel for waste-ink adaption. On you-tube it shows tabs to be lifted, but my model has a smooth surface so obviously is a later model, and has no tabs showing. I'm afraid a repair manual may not be up-to-date. Anyone can help?

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OK, it's not very obvious, but the front panel on the right-hand side is just a cover plate` which pulls straight forward for removal. this exposes the 3 front tabs of the side panel, which are easilyprised free, and that allows the side panel to be worked upwards, disconnecting the remaining tabs, and removed.

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Oh, I forgot: undo the centre and right-hand screws on the lower edge of the rear panel first, then prise the right-hand side of that rear panel to release the rear tabs of the side panel. This should be done first.

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thanks charles. i wonder what other repair knowledge you have for the 1430, as i get really good photo prints with it. greg wheeler

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can someone help me i have the same artisan 1430 printer, i tried to clean the printhead by dipping it in the windex maybe too submerged, i installed the printhead started to do cleaning at some point with the printhead almost all the way to the left went off and does not turn on anymore

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Did you ever get this fixed? Mine won't turn on either.

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