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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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My Ds will not turn on, even when fully charged

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I bought a ds yesterday (and got ripped off) so I bought a charger for it because I thought it was dead, it charged all night while I was at work but, by the time I got home when I saw the ds was done charging it wouldn't turn on at all, no noise nothing just blank

(Edit: this poor thing was so dirty, no love to it what so ever, so I cleaned it up a bit, this thing look like it was tossed in garbage

I added a photo to show tthesticky substance *I think soda go inside the battery and fried it

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Does the green light show up when you power it on and does the screen backlight start (like if you go in a dark room and power it on, do the panels glow it with just the black color)?


No nothing its like its dead dead

Its probably busted but I took the battery out and there was something sticky on the battery, maybe soda was spilled and got into it


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Alright, so from your comment it seems like there is some serious liquid damage to the console. It's suggest that you take the motherboard out using this guide and clean it using isopropyl (I think amis call it "rubbing" alcohol - you can even bath the board in it). Then wipe the sticky stuff again using isopropyl alcohol and some q-tips. Replacing the battery itself may not be a bad idea either, but I'd first remove any obvious stuff from it before spending any more money.

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