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8" Touchscreen Tablet PC with Case Featuring Android 4.4 (KitKat)

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brand new and super slow

I just received my tablet in the mail, turned it on and set up passwords ect. I have not downloaded anything yet or used it, but I tried using it today and it is super slow. It has factory everything and no new downloads so I don't understand. Is there a time period that you have to wait before using it so it can set itself up, I've let it set for a week.

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Did some research on the internet for you.

The tablet does have decent specs, and I even compared it to other mobile/portable devices.

Are you making sure that you're not running too many apps/programs at the same time?

Also check for updates if you haven't yet! Not updating a device causes it to be slow.

If it's none of those than you should ask other people with that device if their's performs slow too,

But of course note that everyone sees "slow" differently. If an app starts in 30 secs someone can find it slow, others say 5 seconds is slow.

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It could also be that the tablet is 100 dollars, and the specs arent actually that good compared to more expensive tablets. It also runs 4.4 Kitkat, when android is on 8.0 i think. So the tablet is pretty old and out dated at this point

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That could be an issue yes. But even very old devices like my iPhone 3G that I have laying around can still work smoothly, even though it's outdated.

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What is the best size sd card for this device?

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I am wondering the same thing !! So what if it is an older model. It should still run on the internet…. From original posted, did you ever find a way to make it work faster or is it just a dud from the past?

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