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Exact size of the screws holding the heatshield

I'm talking both the 6 Y000 to the sides and the one philips next to the Touch ID.

Unfortunately they are not mentioned in any guide with their respective length.

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I have come to the same consensus you have, I cannot find any screw refrences anywhere other than this:, which doesn't even list lengths! Sorry, but you might be stuck. Good luck, hope you get your screws sorted out.


It would really help if IFixit would provide a screw id with its replacement packs.


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The guide for the iPhone 7 Plus states that it uses 1.1mm Y000 for the 6 shield screws and one 1.8mm philips. Since most of the other screws seem to be the same length my guess is those will be identical as well.

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In this guide you will find all of the screw lengths for the screen assembly, except for the 6 identical screws securing the sides of the backplate. By exclusion, you should be able to figure everything out.

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