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An upgrade to the HP Chromebook 11 G4. Released in Q4 2016, with a retail price of ~$170. Low end, plastic body. Runs Chrome OS

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Can you upgrade the storage?

On the hp 11 g5 chromebook it comes with a 16gb emmc or ssd. Can you upgrade this with a seperate bought emmc or ssd.

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I Believe you can put an SD card in the side to expand storage. But I don't know the answer about the internal upgrade. I've opened up a chromebook before and it seems the storage is soldered to the motherboard.

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What if you unsoldered it?

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That would require being very skilled at microsoldering. I mean, If you have the equipment and knowledge to do so go for it! But buying the equipment would really not be worth it.

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buy another motherboard with a larger capacity chip. you can do a small upgrade depending if you have a 16 gb you can get a 32 gb hd also if you have 2gb memory you can get 4gb memory. look into it get the service guide . download.

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I think you could as the Wireless chip is in the place an SSD would go. I am not 100% sure that you can, but you can try. Also, if you manage to do it, you risk your Internet.

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No you cannot do that. The Wi-Fi adapter is using a type of PCI (probably PCIe Half-Mini) While the storage would use M.2 (either M.2 PCIe or M.2 SATA)

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