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iPhone SE NFC antenna not working after housing replacement

I replaced my iPhone SE into a clear plastic custom housing shell that i bought online. For picture reference on what i'm even talking about, here is a photo. Everything on the phone functions perfectly, except for the NFC antenna.

I didn't notice this for many months because i rarely ever use apple pay. But i just decided to today and failed to get it working. Everything else on the flex cable works perfectly (volume rockers, mute switch, flash, power button, & vibrator), but nfc doesn't seem to function at all.

Does having a plastic shell inhibit the ability to use NFC? Did i not move a certain part over? Any ideas on how to trouble shoot?

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The NFC antenna is connected to the Power Button Flex. Take a look at this website (you'll have to search for NFC, it's about 3/4 of the way down the page).

You may have either damaged the flex, connected it improperly or there is an issue with your replacement housing. Generally speaking, the housing is part of the antenna. If all your other antenna's work, then it may just be one of the first to options above.

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Yes i understand the whereabouts of the NFC antenna. The flex connector seems to be fine since everything else on the flex works. All of my other antennas work fine (Cellular, LTE, Wifi, & Bluetooth), so i dont really know why only the NFC is broken


Like I said, generally speaking, the housing is part of the antenna so there may be something wrong with your housing. You may have forgotten a small spacer or used a wrong screw. You could also try to put everything back in the original housing to see if the problem follows the flexes or the housing.


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