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Modelo A1311 / mediados de 2010 / 3.06 y procesador Core i3 de 3.2 GHz o procesador Core i5 de 3.6 GHz

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WiFi is not working.

iMac 11,2 3.06 core i3 21.5"

Wifi does not show local routers or mine. Have tried most everything, still won't work.

OSX Sierra. Apple took it for a while and said it was OK. Back home it still doesn't show any wifi. My other devices show 7 possibles plus mine. Reinstalled OSX, perhaps a bad wifi card?

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There are a couple of possibilities...

  • Your systems WiFi (AirPort Extreme) is only 802.11g/n, so if you have a 802.11ac access point (AP) on your Router it maybe set to only advertise 802.11ac connections.
  • Your Routers AP name broadcast maybe turned off. Many people to day turn it off once they have set it up.
  • Your Routers AP may be configured for only WAP/WAP2 encrypted connections (which is a good thing!)
  • You also maybe in a dead zone within your home or apartment and/or there is too much signal noise from other nearby WiFi systems (a common issue in the cities now)

And lastly you could have a hardware issue as well!

Lets see if we can double check things. Click on the WiFi symbol on your menu bar but also hold the Option key this will show you the adapter, drivers and any discovered AP's. Take a screenshot pressing the Command & Shift keys paste the menu pull down in your question so we can see what it shows us.

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You possibly have a virus. I have seen several machines come in lately with intermittent wi-fi issues. I used Symantec Endpoint on them and this did the trick.

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