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Released in 2011, the Asus K53SV is a 15.6-inch laptop with a 2nd-generation Intel processor and a dedicated Nvidia graphics card.

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Can I replace my existing K53SV motherboard with K53SM motherboard?


I bought Asus X53SC-SX224D model on 2011 which has following specs:

- Motherboard: X53SC - K53SV REV 3.0 (PCB MADE IN CHINA)

- RAM: 2x2GB DDR3 1333

- Graphics: GT520M 1GB VRAM

- Battery: 4400mAh 4-Cell

- Processor: 2.3GHz i5 2nd Gen Processor

- DVD Writer

Now, this motherboard was damaged and I'm planning to fix it or replace it.

Can I get a new K53SM motherboard instead of K53SV? Will K53SM motherboard supports all my existing external hardware components?

Are the motherboards part number specific?

Can we use 1600mHz DDR3 RAM?

Existing K53SV:

New K53SM:

Thank you

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You can replace your motherboard with the one you want to replace it with, they should be compatible.

As for your second question, about the RAM, you can use DDR3(/L) 1600mHz DIMMs, but they will switch automatically to 1333mHz regardless because 2nd gen Intel Core i-series chips don't support faster speeds.

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Thanks Alex.

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is the ks53m better than the ks53v?

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