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Anunciado el 9 de septiembre de 2015, el iPad Mini 4 mantiene la potencia de un iPad Air 2 en un factor de forma más pequeño.

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I pad mini 4 screen replacement

Can I just change my glass screen that is cracked on my I pad mini 4; I have taken it to a shop and have been told I have to buy the full casing because you cant just change the glass screen, someone has offered to change just the glass part for me is this possible ?

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Just to elaborate on Daniel's answer...

The iPad mini 4 has a fused display assembly (LCD is glued to the digitizer), similar to those found on the iPhone and Air2/Pro iPad models. Technically speaking, if only the digitizer is damaged, it can be replaced independently but this requires a repair shop that has a full suite of tools for screen refurbishment. It is certainly not a DIY repair and even an experienced tech will not get good results unless they have the proper tools. AFAIK, very few people refurbish iPad screens.

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I have no trouble replacing just the digitizer and you dont need a "full suite" of tools. Just a tech that knows what their doing.


Where i can replace screen


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yes you can replace the digitiser

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Where can I get a replacement digitizer for the iPad Mini 4, without buying the whole LCD + Digitizer assembly?


you can find them on ebay. tho as minho says its not an easy repair for someone that hasnt done it before as the lcd and digitiser are glued together


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