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Is Activation Lock removal possible?

I've heard it can't be done, but there seem to be a lot of people selling this service on eBay. I was worndering it this is legit or not. Also how would it be done?

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This appears to be some exploit to remove an iCloud account from a stolen phone. From the pictures, I am guessing a private server where the service added the locked device's UDID and username and generated a fake unlock. Reading the description of the service, the phone only make calls and use basic Apple ID functions. The device has to have been already activated. So if someone did a factory reset, and it was asking for iCloud lock, it cannot remove it.

Here is what they say:

you must never:

1. Restore your device from iTunes

2. Factory reset "Erase All Settings & Content" from iDevice

3. Update your iDevice via iTunes

4. Update your device to the latest iOS version via OTA if it has been jailbroken

Given all the problems iOS 11 has caused, this isn't ideal.

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None of them are legit, either prohibitively expensive and destructive, or requires phishing the account holder, or just plain scam.

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