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Should I just replace my battery

So recently, my phones battery has been lasting less and less throughout the day, so I have to constantly charge it-even after 20 of a full charge. This morning I unplugged my phone at 100% and went downstairs. After a good 5 minutes of being off the charger, it turned off, then showed the battery symbol. I left it on the charger all day, and it still shows the dead battery symbol. Should I just replace the battery? Or is this a system issue? What can the apple store do to fix this(preferably me not spending money but thats not how life works) Thank you!

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Hi Aliyah,

Sounds like you could use a new battery! I would assume if you took it to Apple, they'd tell you to buy a new phone, or charge you more than the cost of buying a replacement battery and doing the repair yourself. You can find the guide on how to replace your battery here. Good luck if you do decide to replace the battery!

- Jasen

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