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How do I know if my logic board is bad

How do I know if my logic board needs to be replaced?

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You will need more details like:

-Events like water damage, recent repairs, drops, etc.

-Pictures if possible

-why you think it needs to replaced

-What issues are there with the phone


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As Aiden suggests, more details would help us give you a better answer.

That said, the problem is on the logic board when you can properly eliminate every other variable. Logic board repairs are not trivial and they are the last thing you want to undertake. If you are having "screen" issues, then try a known-good screen. If you are having camera or sensor issues, then try known-good cameras and sensors.

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I have no water damage, just replaced the camera lens and it stopped working I'm thinking I damaged it by putting the wrong screws in, which I read was possible, brand new battery in it too


Long screw damage on logic board screen screw holes are hard to identify, it require microscope to see the damage of circuit traces at the screw hole.


I dropped my iphone6 plus. The screen flash and turn off. I try doing a hard reset and won’t power on. The battery got super hot. I took phone to repair shop. They installed new battery and battery got super hot and won’t power on. He said to throw won’t away because it might me the logic board. Screen not damage. New battery still won’t power on. ?? Should I undertake logic board repair. ?? Israel G


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