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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Cannot go past white screen

early 2008 iMac boots up to half of completed progress bar with Apple logo.

Then pops to white screen. Ext. display-- also white screen. Network to other iMac, shows hard drive working and able to add and subtract files. Have tried all command possibilities I could find involving holding down keys, waiting for chime etc. No change.

Want to diagnose accurately in order to replace the right part when the iMac is opened.

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I'm willing to bet your problem is a GPU failure. Have you tried booting into Safe Mode (hold shift at startup until the progress bar completes)? Most of the white screen/black screen/lines in screen problems I've seen have been GPU failures.

When people bring me iMacs with GPU failures, what I usually do is pull the GPU out, hit it with 175C heat for 10 minutes, and then replace it. I have yet to have an iMac GPU *not* revive itself via this method. Then I tell the customer that their problem is a GPU failure, and I explain to them that I cannot fix the problem because the only proper way to do that is to replace the GPU with a brand new chip (which are basically no longer available). All the replacement parts for sale are junk GPUs sold by people who have done exactly what I did except they're lying to their customers by telling them they are working chips. I inform the customer that their iMac is now working, but that the problem is not fixed, and that they should back everything up while they can and just use it til it dies again (as to when that is, I tell them it could be anywhere from a day to months). I only charge them the diagnostic fee because I haven't fixed the problem.

If you're willing to pull it apart and have a decent hot air station, then you can try this procedure to correct the GPU issue, but note that this isn't an actual fix, this is just a temporary remedy.

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Could not get into safe mode and get the progress bar to complete. It just pops to white half way. Will try again.

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Thanks for the tip Adam! I had the white screen after booting and partial screen after booting in safe mode but had vertical checkered bars. Pulled the GPU card, globbed flux around the memory and GPU, 200c for about 10 min monitoring the back of the card with a thermal probe, replaced the thermal paste and popped the sucker back in. Works a champ!

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