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Why is my neato botvac D75 Keep beeping ask to reset on switch?

my Robotic BOTVAC keeps asking to turn on switch ,But does not make a difference on or off? in it resets it needs to charge battery, after done charging it take off and stops ask to turn on or says need to charge battery?

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I have the same issue. I contacted Neato and worked with their tech department for awhile. Finally the guy said it could be a bad battery and suggested I purchase a new battery. I did that and it is still not working. Just wanted to warn you encase they make that suggestion. I'm going to take mine apart and see if I can see something near the switch.


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I have discovered a poor solder job on the switch in my D85.

See before and after pictures below.

Disassembles same as other D models.

Block Image

Block Image

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