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La Kenmore 80 Series es una lavadora popular fabricada por Kenmore

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Why won't my Washing Machine spin?

My Kenmore 80 Series won's spin? It drains but won't spin on any setting.

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Check and make sure the belt is not broken. Look at the bottom of the front panel. There are 2 screws. Either side of the panel. Remove those screws. The motor and pump are directly in front of you just about in the middle of the machine. The belt is on the bottom. Unplug the machine before you do this. If you are not comfortable Do nothing. call somebody who knows what they're doing

IFixit staff Suggestion: While this was an encouraging answer, the Kenmore 80 series is not a belt driven machine. It uses Whirlpool's old direct drive system from the mid 1980's. It has a transmission which is directly coupled (direct drive—no belt) to the motor through a 3 piece coupling assembly. This assembly is often the point of failure for a machine which won't spin. As an aside, the motor and pump are directly in front of you, and the pump is directly coupled to the motor and held on by two spring clips.For more information here is a link to our Washing Machine Not Spinning page.

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