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while running ac power adapter turns yellow and stops charging if move

My ibook won't hold a charge. While battery is in place the ac adapter light turns orange right away & computer shuts down. If I remove the battery the ac adapter light will stay green and computer works however if the adapter is slightly moved or very gently touched it will turn orange and the computer shuts down. When I pressed the button that tests the battery only one light out of 4 turns green but I can't tell if it's actually the battery since the ac adapter won't charge when the battery is in place. I got this refurbished and expect to replace the battery but I'm wondering if the ac adapter is also a problem or if there is something else I might need to replace. I would rather not replace working parts in order to diagnose the problem.

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Thank you for the quick response. Do i need to have the battery installed in order to run Coconut battery? I have not used this computer for some time due to it turning off at any time the battery was in place regardless of how long I charged it. The light on ac adapter never turned green while the battery was in place. After looking around here it occurred to me to try to run it without the battery and the green light stayed on. I'm happy to replace the battery but just noticed that the green light on ac adapter still turns orange if the computer is moved thus my concern over the ac adapter or something else. I found no corrosion around battery contacts

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I'm assuming that by spread outer ring you mean the part of charger that lights up. Found no damage to light up part or cable. No spreading. The entry point to the adapter needs to be jiggled to charge & had to press it in and down for charge & computer could stay on.

Installed Coconut battery & it was very tricky to check as any movement would throw off the adapter at which point it would shut off the computer. Also noticed that as soon as battery was properly in place the charger light would turn orange & shutting down-tricky to see the Coconut Battery readings. I couldn't see everything. This is what I was able to catch in between shutdowns:

current charge 1 mAh

maximum battery capacity 30%

current battery capacity 1363 mAh

original battery capacity 14400 mAh

the computer didn't stay on long enough with battery in place for me to see the number of battery load cycles. Age of Mac is 69 months, and it showed both the charger and the battery as charging.

Thank you so much for all your help.

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Thanks for the excellent links. After scrutinizing my adapter and comparing it to the link you posted I'm comfortable thinking that its not the adapter. Its in apparent excellent condition-no wiggle room or any other sign of past damage, most likely its the DC-IN board. I will check on the Dc-In links you posted & try tightening it down. If that doesn't work I will get the part & replace it. Will definitely get a new battery as well. Much gratitude for all your help. I will post when I resolve the matter & let you know how it turns out. I was about to donate this computer thinking it was out of my league (I havent been a Mac person for long & thought they would be harder to fix) and am excited that there's hope for it yet.

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I'm glad I could give you some hope. You'll find as you work on Apple products that the engineering is excellent.

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I changed the DC-in board and now my computer won't boot. All I get is an image of a file with a question mark and the Finder icon flashing interchangeably. Changing the DC-in board was pretty simple with no incidents. Could I have disconnected the HD?

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This may be a combination of problems. I suspect a spread outer ring on your AC power adapter preventing good consistent contact. (I have a fix). A possible defective battery. If at all possible download and run Coconut battery to see what we can find out about the battery. Look at the battery contacts and see if you spot any corrosion.

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Download and install Coconut battery without the battery. Put the battery in and restart and run it. Lets look at the results before going further. What did your examination of the AC outer ring show?

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Your shut down and loosing power are most likely from one of two things. A bad adapter or bad DC-IN port. Take a look at the eighth picture down on the right of this link and tell me if yours looks like it:

You can follow the directions there to repair it. If it's OK then you need to replace the DC-IN board or tighten it down. Here's how to get to it: iBook G4 14" 933 MHz-1.33 GHz DC-In Board Replacement

Your battery also needs to be replaced.

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