The Toyota RAV4 was redesigned for the 2006 model year, using an all-new platform and was first unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Where is reset button in order to reset low tire pressure light?

I have checked the pressure in all four tires on my rav 4 2011, Toyota, and the light will not turn off. I do not know where the reset button is and I also have been told the spare tire could possibly be low. Please advise

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Adding air to the spare tire usually will make the light go off


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On a modern toyota, the pressure sensors reset automatically.

If the air is filled to the proper levels, drive the car a few miles above 25mph, and the sensors will detect and update the psi on the tires.

Make sure the psi is set to or above the label on the door.

...and yes, one of the few last vehicles on earth with a spare tire -- that needs to be checked as well.

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I have read on other sites where inflating your tires to 45 psi and then deflating them to the correct level will tell the pressure sensor to re-calibrate.

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