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said it could not access files to perform the restore.

I cannot remove the battery on my Toshiba Satellite. I tried a system restore and it said it could not access files to perform the restore. How do I fix this?

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Same issue as who?

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@cfontenot can you clarify your issue? If you have 2 issues, feel free to open another issue to clarify. I am not sure how attempting to remove a battery and system restore are link.

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@captainsnowball @avanteguarde This post was moved from another question I think...

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Hmmm Should we close it?

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Why shouldn't we help him? @captainsnowball

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@cfontenot Knowing the exact state of your laptop would be nice . can you access windows at all? Can you get into the command prompts ? Why are you wanting to run recovery . Are we dealing with a virus or hardware issues . you mentioned not being able to remove the battery. Where you trying to do a static discharge reboot?

Ok lets start with not being able to remove the battery . The battery can get jammed coming out if the locks are not fully disengaged this can be fixed by reseating the battery by pushing it back down into place, with force if necessary . Then make sure the locks move freely before trying to remove the battery.

Try a static discharge by removing the battery and power adapter then with no power avalible to the laptop hold the power button for a minute then replace the battery and plug in and boot If this brings no joy or you still haven't achieved it because you cant remove the battery . Try removing the ram . unseating the ram will clear the cache of any bad boot issues and provide you with a clean boot.

If you can get into the command prompts (run as admin ) then run a sfc scannow this can help correct any errors in your system files . you may need a windows disc to help here.

If your goal is to reformat then make sure to rescue your oem key if its not on the exterior of the laptop an excellent program for finding the OEM key for future use isjellybean key finder. Once you have your key then format the laptop and install a fresh copy of your OS be it windows 7 ,8, or 10. You will need a disk for this . Remember to back up anything you want from your documents pictures or whatever is important to you . it will be erased when doing a reformat. Give us a little more info and we will be more than happy to help.

Finally @captainsnowball , @avanteguarde Throw up your best answer and hope the OP comes back to see it and if they don't others searching for an answer similar to this may read it and be helped

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Do you have any recovery media? (windows disc) boot off your recovery media. using F12, F11, or ESC (If one doesn't work try another) and select your recovery media. if not, Let's download windows 10. If you had windows 7, the licence key for windows 7 will still work for windows 10. To start you will need a installation media (fancy talk for windows installer) To get that, grab a spare flash drive or disk with at least 8GB you don't mind erasing. once you have one, you can get the official microsoft windows media creation tool here, hit download and once its downloaded open it up and it will guide you through the process of creating your media. once you have created your media, connect it to your computer. hit either F12, F11, or ESC (if one doesn't work try another) to open boot selector. choose a device that you plugged in. if you don't know which one, try without it and then reboot and check which one is new. whichever one wasn't there before is it. Microsoft will guide you from there once you boot off it. If you're confused on a part of this just ask me.

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I noticed you marked this as most helpful. if this worked for you mark it as answer.

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