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HP Part#: CN731A#B1H: Printer, scanner, copier, web browser with wireless internet capability

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Why does my printer keep saying paper jam but non seen?

I have done everything possible( cleaned the rollers, reset the printer, checked to ensure that there isn’t any objects stuck in it) but it just keeps saying “ clear paper jam” every time I try to print something. I’m going cookoo

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How do I remove the paper feeder to get to the paper jam?

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Reset the printer. that worked for my HP 6968 printer. remove the power cord from the back of the printer while its still turned on & idle. i kept it unplugged for about a minute or two and the paper jammed error was gone. just to be sure i restarted my laptop and wifi too.

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Have you read this?

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I just couldnt get the fake paper jam error resolved…went back to reset factory default which solved it.

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How did you do the factory reset? I can't figure out how to fix this exact problem.

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where is the Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M477fnw factory reset button

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