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iPhone 7 bootloop I am not short if its a short

hi, i have an iPhone 7 that is boot looping the i checked for short on on power lines no short but when i connect power supply as normal no amps drops but i when i turn it on apple logo appears and amps start droping up to 1.9 and 2.01 which i think it's not normal i seen previously the amps were not going more than 1.4 or 1.6 is this means i have a short or something else is going wrong

thanks for your time any answer would be appreciated


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Is it charging the battery ok? I know you cant see the percentage but you can check the battery with a multimeter. Is the bootloop the same with the charger plugged in and unplugged?

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yes it charge ok i have those ampmeter usb so it shows the right current for charging but when i connect the power supply zero amp and when i press the on button normal amps and after like 5 second it goes like 2.00 and 1.90 which high for iphone 7 to boot

i have not idea what can cause this

there is no short on the board


You could check voltage from tristar U4001 or if you have a replacement just change it. I have seen something similar with an iphone 6 before that was related to that chip. Also keep in mind the phone will not boot without the front camera assembly installed. I dont think that would cause the phone to draw 2 amps but might be worth a look.


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