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Este Power Mac G4 tiene puertas de unidad de espejo.

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CD boot

Will not boot from Apple Install CD or Diskwarrior CD. Optical drive kick CD out when pressing "C" key. Any suggestions?

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Check your drive works, can you boot from hard drive?

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What install CDs have you been using? The mirror door G4s are a fussy set, will only boot from OSX 10.2.2(approx and above) CDs, not OS9 CDs (even the dual boot models).

If the machine is booting, check the machine can see the CD or DVDs ordinarily, if it isn't the optical drive has probably failed. The last few of those I've looked at I've had to put a new DVD drive in them as the laser had failed.

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Try holding option down instead, if you manage to boot to the selection, then select the DVD.

What exactly is wrong with your computer that you need to boot from your install disk?

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