Lanzado en Septiembre 19, 2014, este iPhone con pantalla de 4.7" es la versión pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus.

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My phone is disable

my phone is disable and its saw the masage to connect to itune

i didnt take any backup i know my apple id and password

in this case can i get my data from my phone

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One of the best trick is that if you sync that iphone on any pc.If you have connect this iphone in that pc.Only for one time you can access the enter password option type password.

If same use the device ipbox to remove password only for 4 digit .

Otherwise i think no any option then restore it by latest firmware.

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i have seen this many times and have never been able to get it to connect and sync as Apple has it set to ask do you want to trust this computer. Most people never sync there phone to there computer because there is basically no need to anymore. none the less there may be no way to get the data off unless you can enter the correct passcode.


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i have a problem my phone is disable

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