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The Sony Extra Bass Headphones Model: MDR-XB450AP, are a high end pair of headphones that are manufactured by Sony. Features an omni-directional microphone for Bluetooth capabilities.

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My headphone's wire broke

Actually the part which connects the wire that broke last night is there any way to fix it??

Plz plz help

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Please post images. You have bluetooth capable headphones. Are you referring to a charge cable? or the 3.5mm jack type wire?

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[] can you fix it? Yes of course. It should be easy. Much easier if you know how to solder, otherwise you would have to twist the wires to connect the broken ones.

kindly post a picture here and I will give you step by step instructions on how to fix it.

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I have a problem with them too. the part where the wire from both the speakers meet is cut and I don't know which wire to solder with the right color. if you know which color goes to which that would be appreciated.

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I attached A photo of my broken headphone

Update (06/27/2019)

Block Image

Attaching the photo of my broken headphone

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