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Background and Identification

Released in 2014, the MDR-XB450AP headphones are a part of the Extra Bass series and include a microphone for a hands-free calls.

The MDR-XB450AP are over the ear headphones and are used for various audio listening purposes. The product comes in three colors (black, blue, and red). The brand name "Sony" is located to the right side of both speakers, making them easily identifiable as a Sony product. The cushions are made lightweight, for comfort purposes. The headphones also feature a swivel design for portability. The cord is made with a Y-type design, so it is built for rugged use, and it will never tangle because it is pretty thick. These particular headphones also have a dynamic frequency response. With 30mm driver units it can produce a frequency response between 5-22,000 Hz.

Additional Information

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