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También conocido como Samsung on5 (2016) con el número de modelo G-570. Un cuerpo metálico delgado con vidrio Corning Gorilla y chipset cuádruple exynos 7570.

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Samsung J5 Pro will not bluetooth to 2016 Hyundai

Have managed to pair my S5 to both Hyundais after turning off smart switch but J5 Pro will not connect...or even recognize cars. Seems strange in this day and age. Contacted Samsung answer of help but then said they werent compatible!

Any suggestions. read to try clearing cache but on my phone the set up is different and I cant find apps manager. Thank You

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My j5 pro will connect to my clarion head set but drops out after 5 seconds but stays connected stupid as my j1 ace had no problems and was an older phone

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Based on my understanding, you were trying to pair your mobile device J5pro samsung to you hyundai car radio/component or whatever you call it. (correct me if im wrong) for handsfree operation etc. and it isnt working?

Have you tried the ff:

[] reboot/restart the component and your phone as well.

[] ensure that your bluetooth is discoverable for both devices?

other options if not using bluetooth

[] connect a 3.5mm audio jack to your phone to your component.

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