The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a 10.1-inch Android-based tablet computer and belongs to the second generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab series.

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Unfortunately Google Store Play has stopped

I keep receiving the message: "Unfortunately Google Store Play has stopped working". How do I fix that? Can I just remove that app and if yes, how do I download a version of that app?

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Google has stoped


Unfortunately google play store stopped


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Hey Alain,

Unfortunately you can not uninstall Google play that easy, but luckily their isn't a need for that!

Google play may stop working due to;

Not enough memory on your device,

Your Date and time may be inaccurate.

I suggest checking both of these things, Another thing you can try doing is opening up your settings, applications, Application's Manager, Find Google Play. Their should be a 'delete cache' button. This deletes any miscellaneous properties and will not cause any harm. Once doing so go ahead and restart your phone and try it.

Hope this helps :)

Update (11/15/2017)

If that doesn't work, their is a clear data button, this removes your account info etc off Google play, But can be re-instated back on once you open up Google play again.

Now their is also a uninstall updates button, this restores the application back to its default factory settings. You could do this and go into the old version of Google and it should update itself.

Hope it helps!

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Hey Alain, Just coming back to check up, Just wanted to know if this worked, if not. How can I help?


Hi Brayden, It did work! I uninstalled all updates and defaulted to the factory setting. It works fine since then. Thanks for your help.


Awesome, Glad I could Help!


I had the same issue and uninstall updates did the charm. thanks much for the post.


I am unable to open any pages on my Galaxy Tablet i cannot get to settings or any other app,, any suggestions please


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Android comes with native Download Manager app that is used by Google Play Store and Google Play Services to download updates for apps as well as the Google Play itself. But some apps with download option modify that functionality by disabling Download Manager, which causes Google Play to stop.

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