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Una máquina lavadora con carga superior de Fisher&Paykel.

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How long will the replaced suspension rods and rubber straps last

I have a 6 yr old Fischer paykel top loader, which started acting up when it was 5.5 yrs old by giving the classic "load out of balance " message on the rinse and spin parts of the cycle. Since at least 4-5 months, I have successfully done laundry by "manually " placing clothes in drum so that it remains balanced during rinse and spin times each. The load gets done but now I have to do this with only half my regular load of clothes as it is becoming harder to distribute equally when there are heavy jeans and light weight tees in the same wash. Also this takes too much of my time to do it manually as it can be a hit/miss situation. Now, I have seen the replacement instructions here, appears like an easy thing but I want to know how long this repair will last? Will it give me another 5 years? If these washers are expected to last 12-15 years, does this mean I would have to replace the rods 2 times before end of its life?

I am asking this because I want to consider getting rid of my fischer paykel and buying a new different design and make rather than keep replacing multiple times.

Essentially, if my hubby helps me it will be only around 100$ for replacing the rods and braces, but if I call the service tech , it will cost around 350$ which is half the price if this machine. All the top loaders in the market seem to have no agitator in the middle and it seems that is where all of them fail to perform flawlessly (my old Fischer paykel with agitator lasted 16 years without any repair and as good as new. ) While top loaders save my back from bending, I am frustrated with the faulty no agitator design and am planning to get a front loader of a different brand that does not need any repair, period ( I am told that is impossible to find but I am hopeful).

Knowing how many replacements will be required in the lifetime of my Fischer paykel may help me decide whether I should bother replacing the rods and spacers or just buy something different instead.

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If we all knew how long a part would last we could plan out our lives and live in blissful joy but everything is uncertain. The new part could outlast the old or crap out moments after installation. Sorry but theres no real way to know for sure

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Are you saying that only death and taxes are a certainty?

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Thanks for your reply.

Several consumers on other sites who have replaced successfully have complained that their triumph was short lived to a month or much less than a year before the 'out of balance' re-appeared. There is no feedback anywhere for this replaced part surviving at least one year.

Fischer Paykel will warranty only one year for their parts. That warranty may not hold if not serviced by an approved tech.

The repair seems a gamble if it is DIY, and to call a tech would make sense only if F&P warranties their part for 2.5 years! Either way, it is a poorly made part/design which cannot last even a year?

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I need to buy a top loader which model have least problems

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There's no issue with top loaders, what customer can't comprehend is that when you put heavy items, or large items, it will cause the rods to fail, but his a trick, with you remove the rods, you notice a plastic cup the slides over the spring, and under the spring will be either a plastic plates or rubber seal that slides into the cup, once that plate is worn out won't slide into the cup correctly, what you need to do is enlarge the plate (black o rings helps make it fatter) to create a slow release when the cup slides down. My name is John T from Fresh Appliance & Refrigeration Repairs located in Brisbane QLD

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