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Black Screen of Death!

Please please help! I need to fix my laptop, can't buy a new one, really stressed!

So I had the usual black screen of death ie laptop powers on but the display is not working. I had a similar problem some time ago, abot an year, and I tried the bios power down routine (holding the power button, pressing f8 plus shift) and it worked.

This time however, no such 'trick' has worked.

So I decided to do the long procedure; To disassemble the laptop, clean out the dust, removed the bios battery, hard disk and memory chip and left the laptop disassembled for a few hours.

After finally assembling it back, the problem is still there.

Now my bigger problem is, how to know if i have actually damaged something else on the inside. My

Laptop had never been opened 'inside' before. I am paranoid AF! Pleas help me out if you can, would really appreciate :)

Also, when i plug in the ac power adapter, the laptop wierdly turns itself on. Maybe that a clue.

Another also, before (before disassembly), the screen sometimes displayed for some few seconds and then some horizontal coloured lines would appear and then it would go back to being black/blank. :-p

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Okay I have at least fixed one issue, the laptop no longer powers itself on without pressing the power button.

One of three things must have done it:

1. I removed the bios battery and put it back in

2. The Ram memory was a bit loose so i fixed/clicked it right in.

3. The laptop might have been powering itself because of the number of times I was trying to fix the display without its battery (without the battery, AC powers on the laptop automatically)


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@mannon this "few seconds and then some horizontal coloured lines would appear" could have a few reasons. Could be a bad LCD, bad wire, bad GPU or a bad HDD. Start off by connecting an external monitor. If that shows, you know that it is either your cable to the LCD or the LCD itself.

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Hey OldTurkey. Thanks for youre reply, not sure how I can Up your score.

Its not that I fixed it, I sort of gave myself, and the laptop, a break from the frustration.

I haven't been able to find an external monitor. However right now the problem is not the black screen actually, its these 'lines'.

They start sort of small and grow gradually all over the screen until they obscure the Toshiba that usually appears on booting. Sometimes horizontal, turns into a multicolored barcode. Right now its a sort of pink colour with lines running both acrosss and vertical all over the screen


Probably the graphics chip on the mb. Remove the heatsink wipe of the old thermal paste .Get a hair dryer and heat the chip up for about 30 seconds on the lower setting. Use a bit of solder flux and run it around the chip before you heat it up. Apply some new thermal paste to the chip once it has cooled down, and reassemble the laptop. If it hasn't worked the first time then repeat the procedure. If that doesn't work bake the mb in the oven for around 10 mins at around 180-220 C.......... Good Luck.........


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