Connector above battery on the left called and what do I need to fix?

Before I discovered this website I ordered a battery replacement kit online somewhere else and began to replace the battery on my iphone 5c sprint phone. During replacement the battery didnt fit exactly right but the videos i watched said sometimes that happens but not a big deal depending on how bad the fit. Anyways long story short during the switcharoo the connector above the battery broke in the top left corner, it bends back with the cover when it is opened for battery replacement. The black connector piece on top closest to the volume mute switch.

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Please tell us the model number on the original battery and the replacement.


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If you could post a clear picture, that would be ideal. However, if the connector is physically damaged, then it probably won't make a solid electrical connection. That would require that it be replaced. This is a micro-soldering repair and depending on where you are located, it may or may not be economically viable to do on an iPhone 5C.

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Thanks i forgot my password so this it traykindevise. thats what my man said to about the mico soldering there for now that theres more than one opinion your more than likely right and since i bought it for 40$ its definitley not worth it lol


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