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How can I fix Error 56?


My iphone was stuck in recovery mode while updating on the itunes to ios 11.03 , it just stops when apple logo appears with 90 % and a sign is appearing that error 56 is occuring .

how can i solve the problem ? i tried more than 4 repairing stores and no one is knowing how to solve my problem !!

Thank you for your help much appreciated

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if you still have warranty i'd recommend you to send it in to apple..

Error 56 is a pain in the ass.

According to the iPhone Wiki:

''Error 56

Most likely a dead/glitched Touch ID sensor. If seen on iPad's, try restoring the latest firmware in DFU mode. If error still occurs, bring your device to Apple. On iPhones, take out the SIM card and try restoring in DFU mode. If still occurring, bring your device to apple.''

once occurred 90 % cases your phone needs an I C (U5301RF) replacement

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I had the similar kind of issue. Where can I repair that?


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