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A smartphone manufactured by HTC released in February of 2016.

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Is Battery replacement possible and how to?

So Im going to have an used HTC Desire 530 soon for ROM testing but so far I do not see any battery replacement guide. I know the phone has unibody design but it is still able to disassemble the phone, so can I just buy a new battery and plug it in or I'll need to do some soldering?

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will you be able to dissemble a unibody designed phone? with the right tools, yes. I used a sturdy thin plastic material similar to a credit card but much thinner to open a sony Z1 and a sony Z Tablet in the past.

I havent seen a phone that requires soldering with battery connection in years, You wont need soldering then. it's likely to have a tiny plug-in-like connector that you can unplug then to replace the battery. Remember to look for the exact battery for the exact model so you wont have issues.

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The only batteries that need to be soldered on are very cheap Chinese phones tablets and copy phones.

E.g anything that uses the mediatek CPU.

- de

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You need to wach this video on how to do it —

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