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Anunciada en octubre de 2013, la Nikon D5300 es una DSLR de nivel de entrada superior con un sensor de tamaño DX de 24Mp.

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replacing a cracked screen

The screen on my nikon d5300 is cracked, I have bought a replacement and plan to undertake the fix myself. There is only one youtube video related to replacing cracked d5300 screen which is helpfull but i would prefer a step by step explanation with diagrams. Does such a thing exist?

Also from the video on Youtube it doesn't look as though I need to do any soldering when I replace the screen with the new one. Is that correct

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Good evening,

I have a similar problem with my screen except it’s not cracked. It pop up of the holder and the 4 wires are now unsoldered and i can’t find any diagram to put them back in place.

I will really appreciate if you have a view from the back to help me identify where the wires are soldered : blue, yellow red and black ?

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