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Una cámara de apuntar y disparar fabricada en 2015 por Nikon.

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My lens is stuck, it has been dropped unfortunately. How can I fix it?

My Nikon coolpix l340 dropped on the floor and now the lens won’t come out. It won’t turn on because it is stuck. It just pops up a message saying to remove the lens cap. Is there any way I can fix this? I just want to use this camera again.

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@sammylittle it depends where and why it is stuck. If it is the outside of the lens that pushes it in, you could try and bend it back. If the extension/zoom part is of track than you may have a tougher time with it. Start by following the ideas on here as well as this on on here Slightly different model same idea.. Ultimately if nothing works you may have to replace the lens since repair parts are almost impossible to obtain. Unless, of course you know someone that can do some 3D printing for you. Use these guides Nikon Coolpix L340 to work on your camera

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Maybe this help. This hav worked for me. Mo.

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