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Lanzada el 28 de julio de 2017, la New Nintendo 2DS XL es una consola de juegos portátil que sucede a la Nintendo 2DS.

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Where to buy replacement buttons? (L/LZ)

Any suggestions as to where I could buy replacement buttons?

I need a teal L-button for my New 2DS XL. It looks like the L, LZ buttons are one piece, no?

I haven't had much luck in my Google yet, between Amazon, Google, aliexpress,... Probably because it's still pretty new hardware.

Alternatively, does anyone know if other 3DS buttons could fit in that spot? Seems unlikely but I wondered if anyone who has both can tell.

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I’m so so sorry. I asked that and got this: It’s not my fault you have to resolder the trigger buttons. This post DOES tell you a listing for what you need on an eBay link.

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