Why Do I Have Error 12746?

Hi I have error (-12746) whenever I try to play music or a video. I also don't have any sound what so ever on my phone. I've tried googling and I have turned on and off and restored it. I'm thinking its either a hardware issue and hopefully I can find out whats causing it and replace it. I'm hoping its not defective as then a would have a useless phone if I cant hear anything on it. What does the error code even mean?

Thanks for any input folks!

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I too have searched for more information about this error and have never experienced it or hear about it before your question. Hopefully @refectio has heard of it or has better resources than I do to try and help.

Can you take a moment or two and try and explain when you receive this error and is it happening on ear speaker, loud speaker, phone calls (Only music), on the internet using Wifi, Using Data...only on certain programs, etc... Thanks for a good question, I am curious to know the answer too :)


The error code comes up when ever i goto play sound, wether its in apple music or youtube. I also don't have any sound period, no texts calls or notification sounds at all. This happens all the time no matter on wifi or cell or both. I've contacted apple support and they ran their tests and say all my hardware past the tests and they see no issue there. Diagnostic information is now being sent to their engineering department to see if they have any ideas.


Hello Shane, Could you please give us an update on what happened to your device after the apple support people sent your device up to the engineering department? thanks a bunch. ...I have the same problem with an iPod touch 9.3.5 IOS 32 gig


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