If it powers on (needs to be plugged), it will ask to shutdown

I just bought this mac air a1370 for 100$, I know it powers on because I tested it with the seller and at the apple store. It has to be plugged in to power on and I have to try numerous times (Its missing the power button, so I have to press on the skeleton of it). When it does, it will prompt me "Are you sure you want to shut down" If I click cancel, It might ask again or might just directly shut down (screen goes black immediately).

What I have tried:

-Take it apart and look closely at the components on the Logicboard to see if something looks fishy (a 4R7 box, inductor it seems, has slight discoloration on either ends, looks like burns)

-Tried to power it up using the two soldering points method, did not power up

-Disconnect the battery and press on power to free static electricity.

What I was told:

-The guy who sold it to me was told at the apple store that something was making contact under the keyboard.

-I was told the same and to take it to an authorized apple service provider to see.

Are they lowkey telling me that it is the Logicboard? lol

Any insights, suggestions, hints and good stuff would be appreciated :)

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