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iPhone 7 which is dead

i have an iphone 7 which is dead i tried everything i could but nothing, i measured every single caps on the board but no short and ,also i did connect it to a power supply zero amps , but when tries to boot up it goes up to 0.06 or 0.07 ma and stays there

i was wondering if someone can help ,also i measured voltages from PMIC

all the rails have the right voltages :{

and i tried to make it hot with power supply but as the currents consuming is very low it doesn't produce enough heat

thanks for reading :)

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did you check tristar


Or batt_main?


Yes i did replaced the tristar and batt_main is work well as i get normall voltages from pmic


is it taking amps on the power supply without the power button being pressed


hi ,no it does't


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I also got a problem like that but i solved with by changing U2 ic.Most of the iPhone dead with by using copy charger,

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i already tried that


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