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Water leak in refrigerator?

Does the drain that's behind freezer panel that has to be remove to get to it.does it drain into drain pan. I try to take drain pan out from my FRS6HR45KSO . But I couldn't so kept searching and found there was a small screw holding plastic in on bottom side, so as I'm applying pressure on bottom I seen water dripping from two screws toward front. Apparently water got into bottom compartment. Can a bad door gasket cause condensation to build up and leak into bottom of compartment . I still can't take out drain pan it said she lift up and pull out but no it is jam in there tight . Thank you for your help

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Almost all refrigeration units of any kind create condensation. Condensation forms inside the unit and is drained away from the freezer and refrigerator compartments down to a drain pan situated on the bottom of the appliance. This water evaporates, aided by the waste heat from the condenser, evaporator and fan motor.

Refrigerators normally go through a defrost cycle once a day. This melts the moisture that has condensed on the interior surfaces and formed frost. This condensate then runs drain pipes to the bottom of the refrigerator and into an evaporator pan.

High humidity will naturally cause this condensate to be heavier. Also the more the door is opened the more warm moist air enters.

When warmer moist air cools the water vapor in the air condenses. This is what causes rain.

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