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iPhone 7 works great but sometimes the screen goes greay/black


I have a issue that i havent heard about. My iphone 7 hade to have a new screen so i had that put in. After A day or to the screens started to have it own life. Now maybe once or twice a day the screen goes gray/black and is it until I press the off button on and off and it starts to work fine again.

The screen is working fine and i have tried using an other screen thats working on an other phone and the problem keeps happening.

I dont think it is the backlight when the phone dosent go all black its in grey color.

Anyone had the same problem?

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The replacement screen might be defective or there might be some loose/damaged cables connecting the display . Who did the repair? They should have another look at it.

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I do screen repairs myself done it for many years but never seen anything like this. And as i wrote i have tried an other screen that was on a working phone and it still did the same thing.


Re-check all the ribbon cables, one might have torn


will try check them later today!


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