Huawei Honer 6 for no reason became stuck on bootloader logo

For no apparent reason my Huawei Honor 6 ,L60 started to not turn on, and when charging the device started to turn itself on, then off just showing the logo.It was stuck in some type of boot loop.This happened for no reason,i was not downloading anything dodgy,i wasn't downloading anything at all,i hadn't installed anything,i didn't click on anything,i wasn't on a browser,i was in or running an app,i was not doing anything at all when this happened,though my phone was connected to the internet at the time i found it was doing this,so the only reason for this that i could come up with,was maybe an update from Huawei them self.

Also,when just pressing the power button, it would vibrate for around a second, then around eight seconds later, it would show the logo then repeat it when i was still holding the power button,somehow i manage to put it into factory reset by holding volume up and power button.After clicking reset to factory settings, the phone just went back to the bootloop again,manage recovery mode again, and cleared the cache data,but again it went back to the bootloader,Now i cant get into recovery mode at all and i dont know why.Can anyone tell me whats going on,as i paid a couple of hundred quid for this phone and im sure its not my fault that its become like this,Can anyone help please and tell me what i can do to fix this.I am quit competent at following instructions as to how to go about fixing this phone,and i'll have a go at a fix if there is one.Any Info about this would be fantastic.

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