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The Brother MFC-3240C is a 5-in-1 color inkjet printer.

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Random error code problems?

When I first got my printer off of Craigslist it read Unable to Clean. I cleared that up by resetting purge to all zeroes and cleaning out the ink absorber box. While I was setting all other settings to all zeroes. I think I should have stopped at zeroing just purge. Since then I've had error 50,error 46,36,Unable to Init., and now somehow it now reading Unable to print. I think (remember I said THINK) if I could reset all the default factory settings it would start working corectly. I'd be eternally grateful if someone could help me resolve this problem. I'm trying to fix this printer for an older woman in my building !

Thanks, Ronnie

P.S. There are no paper fragments or foreign objects in this prinetr !

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Press Menu,*,2,8,6,4 (must be done inside two seconds). It should say

maintenance in the display after a short delay.

press 01 (to reset the EEPROM data), then 99 (to exit maintenance mode).

This will reset the EEPROM data

Brother Maintenance Mode Code

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I have the same problem with the error. It happened after a few ink refills. It seemed the ink was running out in the printer. I am gonna try this fix and see if it works for me

- Por

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It usually happens because of poor contact between cartridge and holders ans usually happens because of extra ink spilled over. So all you need to do is to clean out the head contacts by using some alcohol swabs or c2c solution.

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