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Pantalla LCD de 20", 23" y 30" presentada en 2004 descontinuada en 2010.

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Display is tilted to the left about a half inch?

ok so i have two 24 inch cinema hd displays, and they are both on a flat surface next to each other and one of the displays is tilted about a half inch to the left. In other words the bottom left corner of the display is closer to the desk then the bottom right. How do i fix it

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No damage at all, it makes me mad now that i notice it. I can always take the stand apart and give it a little tweek with a bar to bend the stand back.

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You can replace the stand, here's how:

or you can place a level on the top of the frame, tilt it to the right and use enough playing cards under the left hand side of the stand to keep it in place. It's kind of concerns just why it's tilting. Had it been physically damaged?

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Lay it flat on it’s back on a hard and level surface and leave it for several hours or half a day. Don’t forget to temporarily re-route the cables so they won’t be crushed by the stand. This way the hinges would work themselves back to the original position by the pressure of the display’s own weight (provided that the stand itself is not bent in any way). Worked on several 27” Thunderbolt Displays I’d encountered with this tilting issue (4 out of 5). Hopefully this method works for you.


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